Is this a DIY Program?
Yes, this is a complete Do-It-Yourself Program.
How much does it cost to use the software?
The monthly subscription fee is $34.99. There are no obligations and you can cancel at anytime.
What all do I get for $34.99?

You will have access to your 3-Bureau Reports and Scores, The DIY software, $1 Million in Identity Fraud Insurance, PrivacyMaster®, ScoreTracker, ScoreBoost™, and Money Manager. Please see pricing : http://disputeaipro.com/pricing/

Does credit repair work?

Yes, credit repair works but it is a process that requires time, patience, and diligence. Please see out Statistics page to see the results of our software: http://disputeaipro.com/dispute-statistics/

How long does credit repair take?
A full process of credit repair for an average credit file can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months. Please see our Statistics page to get a better idea.
Is the software easy to use?
Absolutely! Once you are enrolled you just need to click all the negative items you would like to dispute and the system will send the letters to your e-mail for you to print out and mail.
Do you provide resources to build or establish positive credit?
Yes, we provide tons of resources to rebuild and establish positive credit history. Please visit our Financial Products page.
Is there support?
Of course! Just give a call, text, or e-mail support and one of our credit experts will be more than happy to assist you!
How can I track my progress and results?
The system will update your 3-Bureau Credit Report every 40 days, and gives you your results and score updates. It will also let you know it is time to send out another round of dispute letters.
What are the best practices for sending dispute letters for the best results?
We recommend you print in color and single sided. We also recommend you send your letters by Certified Mail for tracking and proof of receipt.
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